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How to use digital sewing patterns

In the blog posts listed below, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know about digital sewing patterns. All well explained with text and pictures. You have the possibility to comment on these posts, so please let us know if the information was useful or if you need to know more!


Let’s start out by answering the main question: What exactly is a digital sewing pattern?


It is a digital file that you can download to your computer after purchase. The file contains everything you need to make a garment in a range of sizes: a set of pattern pieces to cut out of fabric, instructions on how to sew and a lot more information. It’s almost like buying a sewing class.  


The good thing is: everything in the file is printable on a home printer. The instructions are optimized for screen view, but you can print them as well if you want to. 


Here are some more things you might want to learn: 

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