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Meet the Judies

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Meet the Judies

You can make all the garments in the image with just one simple PDF pattern. 


The downloadable file includes all of the pattern pieces necessary to make all the variations and a very clear e-book with sewing instructions and clickable links to guide you through the process.

Are you looking for a unique wrap dress or top? Or maybe a paper bag skirt has been on your sewing list for ages but you haven't found the right pattern yet. Look no further! This digital sewing pattern has it all.

This is what you can make with the Judy pattern: 


Sleeveless dress

  • Choose your length.

Dress with half sleeves

  • Choose your length.

Dress with long sleeves

  • Choose your length.

Cropped top

  • Choose your sleeves.

Long top

  • Choose your sleeves.

Paper bag skirt

  • Choose your length.

Paper bag skirt with tied belt

  • Choose your length.

If you're an outside-of-the-box-thinker, you can probably come up with even more possible variations! 


Easy to follow instructions are available in English and in Dutch.

Size range: EU 34 - 56 / UK 6 - 28 / US 2 - 24


Get your Judy pattern here!


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